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STORING STEM CELLS IS LIKE INSURANCE. A PRICELESS ONE. Our Blog is the source of the latest development in stem cells research.
What are stem cells and why bank them?
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Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life. They are the ‘Universal’ cell. They have the unique ability to become any cell in the body. Stem cells can keep on renewing themselves. These basic building blocks of life are fast becoming the ultimate repair-kit of the future. Imagine being able to replacet cancerous or degenerated cells with brand new perfect cells.

Why Stemlife?

Dual storage

We believe safety is more important than convenience and our processes prove it. We offer the chance to store your child’s precious biological material in 2 separate storage tanks in 2 separate storage locations - for security reasons.

Advanced technology - Cord Tissue processing

Stemlife prides itself for using the most advanced technology for processing cord tissue, where rather than freezing we assure the viability of cells and confirm there is no microbiological contamination present.

Dentul pulp stem cells

Stemlife is the only company in Australia with the know-how to process Dental Pulp Stem Cells, proving advanced technology laboratory services and the strength of own research and development activities.

Stemlife club - discounts for families

Once you become a Stemlife client, you will receive many bonuses, including discounts for other stem cell banking services at Stemlife. You can also simply extent the length of storage by recommending us to friends.


From the people

Mark & Carol –
Western Australia

In life people have special moments that brand us and the people that surround us become a fix part of our memories and in turn our lives. To Lisa our cord blood collector, thank you for your support through that journey of life. Read the story


Cord Blood & Tissue - At birth you have the unique opportunity to store stem cells in very young and powerful stage.
Dental Pulp - A very simptle and non-invasive way of collecting Mesenchymal stem cells and storing them for later usage.

Cord blood & tissue

At birth you have the unique chance to store your babies stem cells while they can be found in their strongest and purest stage.

Dental pulp

Milk teeth are a great source of mostly Mesenchymal stem cells and this method is considered to be the least invasive of all.

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