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6 REASONS The most advanced Australian stem cell bank.



DUAL STORAGE We believe safety is more important than convenience and our processes prove it. We offer the chance to store your child’s precious biological material in 2 separate storage tanks in 2 separate storage locations. This is for security reasons and you child will still have access to own stem cells in case something happens to one of storage tanks.



Advanced Technology - Cord Tissue processing There are several processes for storing cord tissue and Stemile prides itself for using the most advanced method available. Rather than simply freeze the entire segment of cord tissue, Stemlife’s process includes detailed testing to assure the viability of cells and confirm there is no microbiological contamination present. Only samples processed this way have the true potential for future medical treatments.



Dental pulp stem cells Stemlife is the only company in Australia with the know-how to process Dental Pulp Stem Cells, proving advanced technology laboratory services. Dental pulp stem cells are considered to be one of newest sources of stem cells and only couple of companies in the world offers this unique and extremely interesting service.



Stemlife Club Discounts for families Once you become a Stemlife client, you will receive many bonuses. Stem cell storage for other family members will be much cheaper, for example, no matter which type of stem cells you decide to store for other children – cord blood, cord tissue or dental pulp.



Company stability Stemlife was founded in 2006 and is the only internationally present Australia based stem cell bank. Next to New Zealand our services are available to clients from China and we are soon entering other Asian markets. Our shareholders are Australian and foreign individuals and R&D groups and because and because of close collaboration with those groups we use the most advanced technology of stem cell processing.



Maximising the chance of successful usage in medicine Our goal is to maximize the chances of successful usage in medicine, that is why we focus on quality of our services and collaborate with many Australian and overseas based researchers and clinics.
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